St. Michael and All Angels Church KGF – part 1

Kolar Gold Fields Sunday 26th October 2014

This was one of the biggest highlights of the whole trip. Today we went to St. Michael and All Angels church, KGF for the Sunday service. Nanny and Papa were married here on 6th August 1922. All six of their children were baptised here and tragically their son David ‘s funeral was also held here after he died at the age of eight from amoebic dysentery.

Nanny had a huge faith and church was a central part of her life and it was wonderful to share the worship of the present day church family. The church, like St. Michael’s Bangalore, had whitewashed walls, stained glass shuttered windows and rattan pews and a deeply spiritual atmosphere. We were made to feel wonderfully welcome and honoured. Jeevan had organised flowers for us to present in memory of the Rishworth family and Deirdre and I made a donation; Martin and I went to the altar to present it and we were given a special blessing. What an amazing feeling it was for Martin and me to walk up the aisle and to be blessed in the same way that Nanny and Papa must have been at their wedding all those years ago! It had an added emotional impact for me as I was wearing Nanny’s wedding ring that my mother remade and Deirdre had given me just before we flew out. Full circle in a band of gold.

After the service we had chai and met many members of he congregation who had vivid memories of KGF and also could recall the Rishworth family. They were amazed to see Papa’s remarkable films that Martin had downloaded onto his iPad and took a genuine interest in our family’s history.

I must admit that I had a tearful few moments as I realised that I had finally reached my destination after a journey of several thousand miles and across nearly 100 years.

Holding Nanny and Papa's marriage certificate at the altar where they were married 6th August 1922

Holding Nanny and Papa’s marriage certificate at the altar where they were married 6th August 1922


7 thoughts on “St. Michael and All Angels Church KGF – part 1

  1. Wow – what a great blog to read today, Sarah…….I can imagine you walking down that aisle with your Grandmother’s wedding ring on and your heart bursting out of your chest! Such a wonderful memory for you. I’m cooking our Thanksgiving turkey today – almost a month late, but we were on the cruise and missed it (again), so we’re waiting for the gang to arrive in a couple of hours, and the bird is in the oven…….how is the food on your trip? are you o.d.-ing on curry? xox


  2. How lovely to read about your wonderful journey. What an emotional time it must have been for you and how marvellous that you are able to meet members of your family and bring the past back to life! Lots of love to you both


  3. My husband is trying to find the burial place of his grandfather who died in 1911 and the latest information points to St. Michael’s and the All Angels ! When you visited the church can we ask where you found accommodation ? Presently we are thinking to stay in Mysore and get a taxi to St. Michaels although it looks like a 3 hour journey. Any information of your time in India would be appreciated.

    Monica – West Australia


    • Hi Monica,
      How exciting to trace your husband’s family. Our trip to India was so memorable and we still talk about it so much.
      St. Michael’s and All Angels church is in the Kolar Gold Fields, which is east of Bangalore, so a long way from Mysore – although Mysore is lovely. We stayed locally in KGF as we have family there, but there was no (good) hotel accommodation when we went. You could stay in Bangalore and get the train then taxi. Or a car with driver for the whole trip to get there as both methods are cheap. Stay on the east of Bangalore as its a very big and busy city with huge traffic congestion, so although distances may not be big, it can still take a very long time. Good luck!


      • Hi Sarah
        I know this is a very big ask but I am trying to enlist some help in KGF to find the resting place of my Husbands Grandfather. We now know his funeral service was held at St. Michaels & All Angels but he was not laid to rest there. We have corresponded with the Secretary to St. Michaels and whether by means or cultural difference I do no know but when I ask If he could organise for someone to search the cemeteries/records/physically in the KGF the subject seems to change. So the question is would you know anyone who would be prepared to look for the burial place of Walter Douglas Clinton who died in June 1911 – naturally we would pay for any work carried out. I recall you saying you had family in the KGF and perhaps they would know someone who would like to earn a little extra money ?
        As I say a big ask. We will not have much time in India and my husband is now over 80 so searching cemeteries physically perhaps would not serve him well so I am looking for help.

        Many thanks Monica Watson


  4. Thank you – your information was very helpful and having studied the map more closely see Bangalore would be more sensible than Mysore as a starting point for KGF. Before you went to St. Michaels I take it you had had communication with the Rector ? We have written (snail mail) but as yet have not had a reply. Did you ever have an email address by chance ? No point in phoning from West Australia the reception is just too awful ! Do you recall seeing any ‘really old’ grave sites at St. Michaels, we are looking for a burial site from 1911 – so its a big ask !
    Many thanks Monica


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